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Divination has been a central part of my life since I was a tot. I appreciate augury for its ability to force a new perspective on the most tired of situations. Oracular traditions give us the opportunity to change the way we tell the stories of our lives; and in changing our narratives, we have an opportunity to change our behavior, our health, and our happiness.

“An acrostic, of course, is a form of crossword puzzle, in which everything has many meanings. Looked at as we normally do, horizontally, the letters form certain words–but if we shift our vision to right angles, it all changes. The essence of witchcraft, and of political feminism is acrostic vision: We look at our culture and our conditioning from another angle, and read an entirely different message. Acrostic vision is uncomfortable; it sets us at odds with everything we have been taught. We are forced to validate our own experience, since no external authority will do it for us.”

Starhawk, The Spiral Dance

And so to that end: I write articles, I teach classes and workshops, and I see folks for astrological consultations. I have been studying astrology for ten years and have completed two years of study at the Portland School of Astrology. I have seen over six hundred clients and I offer a broad range of consultations from natal to couples’ consultations and much more.

The astrology that I practice is based on a foundation of traditional Hellenistic principles with some modern elements mixed in. It is very influenced by the ethics and world view of pagan, earth-centered spirituality, and anti-oppression political frameworks. I aim to make my consults accessible, informative, uplifting, and practical.

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