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My consultations are 80$ for a one hour session.

I’m available between nine and five Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays and at various times during the weekend. I can do in-person consultations in Portland, OR or online sessions.

An in-person session will include a hand-drawn chart and handwritten notes. An online session will include a computer generated chart in a pdf with my notes in bullet point form.

Contact me by email at to book a consultation.

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Types of Consultations I Do:

Meet Your Chart! This is a great place to start if you have never seen your chart before, or if you have seen your chart, but you don’t really know what all it means. This is where I would recommend most folks start.

Transits: If you feel pretty comfortable with your natal chart and want a reading that is more concerned with what is happening with you *right* *now* you should book a Transits Reading. I’ll go through some of the major transits that are live for you at the moment and we can talk through what to expect from them.

Relationship-Astro: Come get read with your boo! Relationship astrology is way more complicated then just “I heard my sign is compatible with your sign.” Let’s go deep into the dynamics of your relationship.

Rollerscopes: Rollerscopes are roller derby themed mini readings I do to explore with my client questions like: What fires you up? What is fun for you about playing roller derby? How can you best utilize your natural gifts within the sport?

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Can I get a chart done for someone else as a present? Yes! Just make sure to specify who the reading is for, that person’s birth information, and their availability. Alternatively you can send me their email and I can contact them directly.

How do I pay you? Paypal, Venmo @Mabel-Vautravers, Check, Cash 💖.

Do you do trades? I sure do! Check in with me to see if what you can offer is something I’m in need of. Massage, acupuncture, and tattoo work are three trades I almost always go for.

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