A Week in the Stars

First off, early in the week we have a sign change for mercury! Tuesday February 7th Mercury enters Aquarius. Every time Mercury changes signs, the flavor of communication and understanding changes for everyone a little bit. I know that I for one am feeling a deep need to collectively shake off some of the patterns of communication that are hella-not serving anyone right now. Mercury in Aquarius blesses us with the ability to bring some much needed innovation to current communicative strategy. In her book Making The Gods Work for You, Caroline Casey writes: “Franklin Roosevelt’s Mercury in Aquarius exemplifies the aquarian voice. In an address that he was to have delivered the day after he died, he wrote, “if civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships, the ability of peoples of all kinds to live together, and work together, in the same world, at peace.”” The sentiment holds as true now as it did seventy years ago. Let Mercury’s ingress into Aquarius this week be the impetus for you to really cultivate the science of human relationships. Go out and learn something new about how humans communicate. Then spend the next few weeks that Mercury will be in Aquarius practicing that new technique.

Friday February 10th, the real show-stopper of this week will be the lunar eclipse in Leo. There are two kinds of eclipses: a solar eclipse and a lunar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs during a new Moon, when the Sun and Moon are on the same side of the Earth, making a conjunction. A lunar eclipse occurs during the full Moon, when the Sun and the Moon are making an opposition and the Earth is between them. An eclipse does not happen every time we have a full or new Moon. In order for an eclipse to occur, the Sun and Moon also have to be aligned in the sky so that they effect each other’s light. During a new Moon solar eclipse, the Moon blocks, to some extent, the light of the Sun. During a full moon lunar eclipse, the Earth blocks, to some extent, the light of the Sun from reflecting off the Moon. The astrological significance of these events is usually described simply as emphasizing or invigorating the power of that new Moon or full Moon. The full Moon, the time in the lunar cycle when we look for fulfillment of a project – those big outer manifestations of our work, is going to be blooming in the flamboyantly regal sign of Leo, opposite the sun in the genius-innovator sign of Aquarius. This week’s eclipse zeros in on the Aquarius/Leo polarity: the tension between the group and the individual. Leo wants to be seen and Aquarius wants to be the one doing the seeing. Leo wants to entertain and Aquarius wants to invent. Leo wants to be the lead onstage and Aquarius wants to be working the lights. This eclipse is a time to think about how you fit into groups. Consider spending some time on Friday journaling on your relationship to the collective; how do you see yourself fitting into community and how do you think your community sees you?

Then on Saturday February 11th the Sun in Aquarius will trine Jupiter in Libra. Both Aquarius and Libra are air signs with a big ol’ love for thinking about relationships, although while libra is focused on the one-on-one relationship, the partnership, the small drama, the balance scale; Aquarius is interested in the complex systems of the whole group’s inner workings. Jupiter in Libra might bring just the coquettish charm that your Aquarian projects might be looking for this month. This aspect might also be an easy come down after whatever the eclipse will be for you.

Weekly Affirmation:

I will speak my vision of what the world could be until that vision takes on form.”

The following horoscopes are written for your RISING sign, and not your sun sign. If you really, really, really don’t know and can’t figure out your rising sign than you can read for your sun. Because there is so much that could be said for each sign every week, I pull tarot cards to help me narrow down the scope of the reading. This week I am using the tarot deck Slow Holler. If the tarot card that accompanies your sign speaks to you, I recommend working with the energy of that card throughout the week. Enjoy!

#14 The Alchemist.jpgAries

The Alchemists body is full of roots and cracks and stars. They stand, huge, at the water’s edge, on the ocean shore. In the nighttime the beach and the water and the sky are all the same shade of black. Air pours out of the Alchemist’s eyes and wraps around the fire and water that the Alchemist is pouring from a vessel held in each hand. The combination of elements strikes the ground.

Alchemy is the benefactor of one of astrology’s most treasured tenets: “As above, so below.” You will find that most astrologers are quick to assure you that we do not believe that the planets make humans do things – only that the same cycles and complex patterns that can be observed in the planets have a correspondence (but not a correlation) to how humans behave on earth. Alchemists though, were interested in more then simply observing the correspondence between disparate objects, they wanted to figure out how to transform those objects. This week Aries, the Leo lunar eclipse is going down in your 5th house of Good Fortune. The 5th house is all about creative pursuits, pleasure, and babies (because sometimes pleasure begets babies). Meanwhile the sun will be opposing the eclipsed moon in Aquarius which resides in your 11th house of friends, social circles and community. Remember this week as you observe your creative pursuits, that overtime you do art, you are doing alchemy. Create your vision of the world.

#0 The Fledgling.jpgTaurus

The Fledgling appears to have an almost invisible body. Just a ghostly whisper wearing boots and a backpack. They walk through a field at night with a flashlight and a walking stick. The ground is full of flowers and the sky is full of stars.

Where are you going Taurus? And where have you been? This week the Leo lunar eclipse shine’s a big ol’ flashlight on your 4th house of home, family, ancestry, and lineage. Meanwhile, the sun will be opposing the moon in Aquarius, your 10th house of career, path, destiny. During this lunar eclipse, what questions are coming up for you about home versus work, roots versus branches, how you stabilize versus where you take leaps of faith? Do you trust your path? Can you see your path? Take some time this week to do something foolish. Go on an adventure. Let the Fledgling be your guide.

Visionary of Branches.jpgGemini

The Visionary of Branches is a naked goddess who blends in with the starry night sky. She clutches a golden tree and a red moon in the background matches the red cloth tied around her waist. Her expression is serene and her eyes are closed.

This week, the lunar eclipse in Leo will be happening in your third house of small communications; the day-to-day, the routine, the local community while the Sun in Aquarius opposes the moon. Aquarius is your 9th house of big communications, philosophy, theology, the church, the academy, world-travel. The Slow Holler booklet says: “The Visionary of Branches channels the alchemical properties of fire to transform those around them. They have learned that the flames they start do not simply blaze as a spectacle for themselves. Rather, they know that what is ignited in them can be shared to inspire others and vice versa.” This week, ask yourself what kind of flames you want to start. Let your vision blaze with the Visionary of Branches as your guide.


In the Four of Knives, a person is sleeping facedown in a tangled nest of blanket and pillow. They hold a folded switchblade clutched in one hand. In their dreams they see this knife opening, one stage at a time.

Although Cancers are one of the most intensely emotional signs with feels vast as the ocean, they can easily fall into a pattern of being the protective crab, relying on that hard outer shell to protect those delicious mushy insides. Cancers also sometimes need a buffer system between them and the rest of the harsh outside world. The four of Knives is suggesting that this week is a week to prepare that buffer, Cancers. Are you getting enough intentional solitude? Do you feel well-rested and replenished? Are you clutching at a proverbial switchblade? There is probably very good reason for you to be feeling this way, but regardless, in order to shoulder the weight of the world, you have to hella resourced. This week as the Lunar eclipse asks you to explore the tension between your values and what values you share with others, check in with yourself intermittently for defensiveness and exhaustion.


The Lovers stand shoulder to shoulder like conjoined twins, giving each other a mean side-eye. One is blonde and the other is brunette and their hair is braided together. Both of them are wearing fancy victorian dresses. Splatterings of red throughout the illustration resemble blood. The brunette is crossing her fingers. The blonde holds a pair of scissors and it looks like she is preparing to cut the braid that ties the lovers together.

This week’s lunar eclipse asks you to explore the tension between self and other, Leo. The Lovers may be literally asking you to explore your love relationships but as a card it also represents any choice you make that entwines you with another person. As the lunar eclipse occurs in your first house of self this week facing off with the sun in Aquarius, in your 7th house of other people, partnerships, and any kind of relationship that is somewhat contractual in nature, this is a great time to think about how you are or are not comfortable as a pair. Do you need to be seen as an individual? Do you have that urge to cut yourself free? Ask yourself what that does to your friends and community.

Student of Branches.jpgVirgo

The androgynous Student of Branches, wearing little-boy clothes and sporting a classically queer haircut is building a rope bridge across a canyon. They have letters sticking out of their back pocket and their pants are embroidered with hearts. They’re wearing a hip fitted cap and no shoes. They are your ultimate woodsy-queer-punx dreamboat fantasy.

This week Virgo, it’s all about the individual versus the collective, which can be a very touchy subject for you! It’s sort of naturally a part of the Virgo temperament to want or even need to be helpful. Many Virgos consistently find themselves in roles with a lot of responsibility because Virgos love to be of service to the group while on the other end of the pendulum swing, some Virgos may do everything in their power to never hold responsibility in a group in fear that they might not be good enough and will let the group down. Leo is in Virgo’s 12th. The much feared 12th house is where you keep your shadow, the least desirable parts of you that you have the hardest time accepting or even seeing in yourself. Of course for Virgo it’s life-of-the-party-Leo waiting in the wings to embarrass them. Virgos sometimes have a hard time being able to admit that they actually do want credit for all the work they do, and what a good eye that have and that’s so okay as long as you don’t get too caught up in whether you are getting credit where credit is due! This week the Student of Branches wants you to think about what projects you are embroiled in, what tasks you are married to, what responsibilities you are holding and to realign your intentions around those tasks. The Student of Branches romps through the woods to make rope bridges for the pure joy and challenge of the task at hand. How are your current tasks feeding you and how are they not? Are you spending a lot of time looking around to see if other people are noticing your hard work?

3 of Branches.jpgLibra

In Three of Knives, there is a dark shrub with a hand full of bare roots growing out of the bottom. Several gray leaves lie beneath the shrub and inside of it there is an eye crying blood, three knives, and many rain/blood drops.

This week, as the lunar eclipse flips the flood lights on in your 11th house of friends and social circle and tight community, the Three of Knives is asking you Libra to stop harmonizing for a second and let yourself really feel some of the losses. How have you felt heartbroken about your community? Who hasn’t been giving you the love and attention you deserve for all the good you bring to the group? Have you been giving yourself the time and space to grieve the vision you had or even still have about what you think a community should look like and how it maybe hasn’t been that for you? Friends are everything for a Libra because that’s where you do some of your best work. Through the friends and connections you have and make. This week, let yourself feel how much it sucks to be let down by community, and then take a deep breath and get ready to throw yourself back into it. If the old dream of community wasn’t cutting it, what might a new dream look like? Your homework for this week is to go tell someone what your vision of community looks like.

Traveler of Vessels.jpgScorpio

The Traveler of Vessels holds a fishbowl in one hand and the reigns of the horse she is riding in her other. The white fish swims in red water. The white horse gallops above the ocean waves with no shore in sight. Toy Story clouds grace the golden skies. The rider smiles. She has great bangs.

This week, the lunar eclipse in Leo will be taking place in your 10th house of all those things you get public recognition for being your things. Usually we just call those careers but blah, career? How boring! Then 10th house is about where your going, your life path, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s tied to a job or money making potential. For as secretive as Scorpios can be, having Leo in your 10th house means that you shine like hell in your public life. This week, the Traveler of Vessels is inviting you to revel in it! So the spotlight might feel uncomfortable, we get that you are into the shadows, but the lunar eclipse is going to be shining a big ol’ eclipse-ey light on whatever work that is part of the public eye. It’s totally okay to want to be appreciated for your accomplishments. Jump on the back of the Traveler of Vessel’s dreamy steed and follow the path of quirkiness and creativity.

10 of Branches.jpgSagittarius

In Ten of Branches two disembodied eyes cry blood. Surrounding the eyes is a fence of branches tied together into a cage-like barrier. One eye is wide open (in shock? In terror?) while the other eye squints (in pain? In skepticism?).

The lunar eclipse in Leo on Friday will be lighting up your 9th house of philosophy and adventure, Sagittarius. Which it just so happens, are two of your favorite things. So why so full of burdens lil’ archer? With Saturn still plowin’ away through your first house, adding a touch more guilt, shame and responsibility to your usual bubbly step, I’m wondering if a moment of contact with the part of you that is most shiny and playful when you are playfully trotting the globe or learning a new thing just for the fun of it will highlight how bogged down you might be feeling right now. If you are feeling like you are drowning in responsibility take some time this week to sit down and see if you can vision what responsible playfulness looks like to you. Then go tell someone what you came up with and ask them what it looks like for them. Maybe find another Sagittarius buddy to commiserate with.

5 of Branches.jpgCapricorn

In Five of Branches, five brittle looking, broken, silver-grey branches, with lots of sharp crystals embedded all over, criss cross each other on top of a colorful background.

This week’s lunar eclipse in Leo will be taking place in your 8th house, Capricorn. The 8th house is the house of those things you share with other people. Because that is a kind of vague category the 8th house has become a catchall place for sex, death, inheritances (especially from death), and all resources you share with another person, or other people be that a partner or a sibling or a collaborator. And nothing quite spells dispute like sharing. This week the Five of Branches warns you not to get caught up in any petty dispute that might arise over shared resources. At the same time, it also asks you to look beyond petty conflict to see deeper hurt. Remember that whenever you see what might look like trivial bickering, it is just covering up a deeper need not getting met.

3 of Stones.jpgAquarius

The Three of Stones depicts a collaged art piece featuring a labeled sailboat on a red background. It looks like this might be a part of an art journal. There are three stones placed above the sailboat.

This week’s lunar eclipse is happening in your 7th house of intimate partnership! You are excellent at visioning the community Aquarius, but not always so effective at visioning the partnership. Part of that is that while you are all for the good of the group in other areas in your life, in partnership you want to be seen and loved as an individual. This also might mean that instead of being loved and seen as an individual you collect partners who you love and see for their uniqueness but are not always able to do the same for you. This week, take inspiration from the Three of Stones, a card that is all about mastery over a craft, and ask yourself: if relationship is the craft, what would mastery look like?

#17 The Star.jpgPisces

Slow Holler’s depiction of The Star is so abstract I’m reticent to even try to describe it. A Golden opaque globe highlights the top of a tapered, pointed cylinder. The cylinder resembles a spotlight.

The lunar eclipse that will be taking place this week in Leo highlights your 6th house of service to others, Pisces. The 6th house, also termed the “House of Bad Fortune” by ancient astrologers, rules the work we do which isn’t necessarily our life-path work but that we do to be of service. The 6th house also presides over sickness, accidents and mishaps so it also therefor, speaks to one’s capacity to heal others (Frida Kahlo had a particularly heavy 6th house signature and she is a perfect example of someone who sustained a lot of accident, mishap, and injury, but was able to turn it into a well of healing for everyone who has ever been touched by her paintings). The Star is a symbol of hope in the darkness, faith when it feels like all faith is lost. The Star is asking you, Pisces, to be a bright light of hope through these difficult times. How can you be the star in your daily life? Vision what it would look like to bring the star with you wherever you went and then tell someone about that vision.

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