The Executioner’s Sword

~ The End of Gemini Season ~

It’s the end of spring. It’s so much so the end of spring that most folks up here in the pacific north west have gone ahead and declared summer officially here. With the Summer Solstice quickly approaching, the next ten days mark the third and final decan of Gemini, dubbed ‘The Executioner’s Sword’ by Austin Coppock.

In the first decan of Gemini the possibilities were endless and we were blown away by the shear mass of information available. In the second decan of Gemini we started being more discriminating about that wealth of knowledge. We started asking how we can use language as a tool to connect. In the third decan of Gemini that discriminating faculty hits its peak: “To achieve actuality a multitude of possibilities must be sacrificed.” (Coppock, 36 Faces). Gemini is often referred to as the Journalist and I see the three decans of Gemini as the three phases of the journalist’s work. In the first phase the journalist is just gathering information, taking interviews, reveling in all of that qualitative data. In the second phase the journalist is starting to make connections; a story starts forming from out of the muck of anecdotes. Bridges are formed, meaning is made. In the third phase the journalist now has to make some hard decisions. What is the point of this story? What’s right and what’s wrong here? What is the take home message? What is the thesis? In the third phase the journalist has to get rid of all the information that doesn’t immediately lend itself to the ‘point’ of the story.

The end of Gemini is about when the time comes to make a point (like the point at the end of the executioner’s sword). But by virtue of making a point, one has to let go of the magical realm of infinite possibility and one has to come to terms with breaking down some of the connecting bridges that were built in the middle of Gemini season. Convictions will always alienate someone and those born under the Executioner’s Sword are here to learn all about that. But it’s important to stress that the end of Gemini is not about action, it’s about the harsh deliberation of one who knows that action must be taken. It is about the weight of holding the executioner’s sword. Or as Defiance Ohio puts it: “Let’s stop this talk of action because action comes easy it’s the moments just before that are hard, when I gotta get my voice and my fist on the same page as my heart.” 

In this season we sacrifice possibility in order to achieve action.

In Other Sky-News:

For the most part, it’s a quiet week and a half before the Sun moves into Cancer. Mercury  in Gemini will trine Jupiter in Libra on Tuesday the 13th so use that time for writing, communicating, and connecting (all that good air stuff). Then the Sun and Mercury (in Gemini) will both cross the opposite degree of Saturn (still in Sag) on Thursday and Sunday respectively. I talked a little bit about the Sag-Gem polarity two forecasts ago when Mars in Gemini opposed Saturn in Sag. As the Sun and Mercury move through their oppositions with Saturn this week, notice how and when you feel constricted. Constricted in your ability to shine, to speak out, to make important decisions, to get your voice and your fist on the same page as your heart. To open your communicative energetic pathways try singing or a long conversation with a trusted confidant. If there is something caught in your throat, a truth you’ve been needing to reveal or a question you’re scared to ask: be brave and use the end of Gemini season to unblock those pathways. 

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