Today the Moon moves opposite the Sun. This is what we refer to as a full moon. The Sun has just entered Libra (on Saturday) and today the moon enters Aries. Full moons are times of harvest and bounty. They’re the days that historically we would use to feast and party, and appreciate things coming together.
The Sun in Libra brings to us the spirit of relationship while the moon in Aries moves us to follow courageous solo endeavors. And the Libra-Aries polarity, taken as a whole, invites us to consider identity. Who are we? Who do other people think we are? To what extent does that matter?
In the vast majority of the Rollerscopes I’ve given, Mars (planetary ruler of Aries) is in aspect to Venus (planetary ruler of Libra). I feel like it’s safe to say that most folks who play roller derby aren’t doing it because they want to sport in solitude. Most of us come to roller derby, or stay in roller derby (and sometimes leave roller derby) because of the community. We do roller derby because it’s something we can’t do alone. Tonight I get to honor the full moon with a three hour on skates practice with my team as we prepare for B-Team champs in Dallas which will be happening just shy of the Libra-New-Moon next month.

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