Venus in Gemini

July 17th 2017

Today, Venus in Gem (the sweetest Chatty Cathy you’ve ever had the pleasure of getting yr ear talked off by) squares Neptune in Pisces (the meltiest planet in the meltiest sign) and together they want to osmosis into another person with their words. They want to paint fantastic illusions through their stories. They want to use their curiosity and romantic wanderings to escape into other worlds.
Meanwhile Mars in Cancer is making its own square to a big ‘ol outer planet: the less melty – more breaky – Uranus in Aries. The Mars-Uranus square is trying to do a thing – literally any thing – like, yesterday. Mars in Cancer may be carrying some hurt feels and when Uranus lights the crab-warrior up, you might come up with what seems like some really good plans for how to get even. Like stealing all of your enemies swords. Just remember that if you steal a bunch of swords you are going to be figuring out what to do with a bunch of swords. 🔮💕

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