Mercury in Leo

We’re gettin’ the opportunity to start looking at the world with a royal eye as baby Merc moves into Leo today marking an early shift of the tides as we start moving over from Cancer stelliums to Leo stelliums in the last third of this month. Mercury in Leo makes Grand Sweeping Statements. Mercury in Leo doesn’t so much ‘say’ as ‘declare.’ Mercury in Leo knows how to tell a good story. Personally,ย I enjoy the drama, however, Leo-Merc’s penchant for saying things that *sound* true (read: sound ~good~) more than *are* true can irk. Also happening today: it’s a busy day for the sun which will first trine Neptune in Pisces (arousing idealism, sensitizing identity), and then square Jupiter in Libra (which may give you a nice burst of energy for any projects you need to be working on).

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