Horoscopes for March 20th – 26th: Welcome Aries

The Astro-Forecast for  March 20th to March 26th

Monday March 20th at 3:29 am PST, the Sun will enter Aries. WELCOME ARIES. Welcome spring! Welcome new life and growth. Welcome flowers and bloom! Welcome exuberance and fierce hope. Welcome new possibility. Welcome to the birds and the bees. Welcome spark! Welcome charge. Welcome courage. Welcome to our fiery, ever-adolescent: Aries. As the season of Aries begins, coinciding with the vernal equinox, folks are already sensing the charge in the air. Words get a little pointy-er. Conflicts come to a head. I can see folks getting rankled by shit they may have been able to let slide a week or two ago. What I want to be seeing right now is for folks to be stepping up in the right places and backing off out of prudence and not fear. The season of Aries is a time to fuck and fight and have your courage tested. For my derby friends, this is a good time to leave it all on the track. For my witchy friends, this is a good time to pray for a diversity of tactics. For my activist friends, this is a good time to pick your battles wisely.

Thursday March 23rd at 5:45 pm PST, Mercury at 19° of Aries will square Pluto at 19° of Capricorn. Pluto, god of the underworld, the taboo, the unseen and power, has been traveling through the hardworking domain of Capricorn since 2008. If Capricorn is about integrity, project-starting, learning mastery over a skill, and Pluto says that the skill we’re working with is power, then the questions posed to you are: what have you been learning about power? What skills have you developed to speak to power? What does it mean to approach power-dynamics with integrity? A mercury-pluto contact generally spells a powerful day for words. A day when what you say can really throw some weight around with what you say. Allow your words the weight that they deserve.

Friday March 24th at 5:45 am PST, Mercury at 19° of Aries will oppose Jupiter at 19° of Libra. The second Mercury transit this week turns from Pluto, to Jupiter. A Mercury-Jupiter contact is prone to focusing more on big concepts rather than the facts underlining those concepts. While there’s nothin’ wrong with a little idealism, be careful about getting too high-falutin when a situation calls for grounding in reality. Friday will be a good day for seeing opportunity.

Saturday March 25th at 3:17 am PST, the Sun and Venus will be in conjunction at 5° of Aries. Because Venus can never be further than 48° away from the sun, the conjunction is the only traditional aspect that the two planets can make together. Robert Hand says of this transit: “The central issue today is self-expression through creativity and relationships. You will be assertive, but only in order to gain the attention of those whom you love or would like to love.” Today, notice who you have an inclination to show off to. Notice if you get the urge to preen. This Friday is a good day for partying, flirting, and showing off. If you have been wondering whether or not to go out on Friday, go out.

Sunday March 26th at 8:06 am PST, Mercury and Uranus will be in conjunction at 23° of Aries. Since a Mercury-Uranus conjunction is a powder keg for eruptive, radical, truthful discourse, Sunday is a good day for a politcal workshop, a rally, a march, a meet up, or if nothing else, a good day to invite your activist friends over for breakfast.

Weekly Affirmation: Welcome Aries. Welcome spark. Welcome courage.

Horoscopes for

March 20th to March 26th

The following horoscopes are written for your RISING sign, and not your sun sign. If you really, really, really don’t know and can’t figure out your rising sign than you can read for your sun. Because there is so much that could be said for each sign every week, I pull tarot cards to help me narrow down the scope of the reading. This week I am using the tarot deck Slow Holler. If the tarot card that accompanies your sign speaks to you, I recommend working with the energy of that card throughout the week. Enjoy!


Slow_Holler_Tarot_0192-640x428In the Two of Branches, trees grow up, out of, and around a ribcage, vaguely resembling lungs. The tree’s roots meld with honeycomb at the base of the ribcage. The twiggy-tips of the tree-lungs are red, raw and new. In this card we feel all of the tenderness and exuberance of breathing life into a project.

As the season of your first house begins, the Two of Branches is asking you what projects, old and new could use a breath of fresh air, a burst of life. The season of Aries is a time when you can course-correct (if that’s what needs to happen right now) and ground into a way of doing things that really suits you.


Visionary of KnivesThe Visionary of Knives is a glaring owl, scowling up at us from beneath her skull and rose crown. She carries a knife in both talons, like one might expect an owl to carry her most recent kill. Her giant, powerful wings are outstretched, either in flight or in an act of intimidation.

As the season of Aries begins, your twelfth house will be lit up by the Sun. Lover, sweetheart, and voted-most-chill in high school, Taurus’ shadow (12th house) is Aries (fighter, flighter and shit-starter). This week, The Visionary of Vessels is asking you not to turn away from the parts of yourself that you do not appreciate as much. Try to take lessons from even the parts of yourself that make your skin crawl.


10 of StonesIn the Ten of Stones, we are in a golden kitchen where food has just been prepared. Through a ten-stoned-archway we can see a dining room where dinner has just been eaten. And through yet another archway on the other side of the dining room, we can see folks gathered in a living room.

As the season of Aries begins, your eleventh house will be lit up by the Sun. This week, your patron planet Mercury will be making contacts with some heavy hitting larger-planets (Pluto, Jupiter, and Uranus). With the season of Aries upon us, take these Mercurial gifts and connect to community, host a potlatch, spend time with your people. Reconnect to the feeling of chosen-family.


7 of VesselsIn the Seven of Vessels, a young babe lies on the ground clutching their forehead. They are holding something that could be alcohol, a coffee, or a pill bottle. Above their head float a menagerie of fantasy and terrors. A castle, snakes, pearls, flowers, an arm, a skeleton, a river.

As the season of Aries begins, your tenth house will be lit up by the Sun. This can be a bright and shiny time to get recognized for your soul passions. You may be a nurturer or caretaker by nature but you are a professional warrior. However, The Seven of Vessels is posing a word of warning. Are you lost in daydreams? Are you having a hard time transposing your dreams into reality?


#16 The StormThe Storm is a chaotic swirl of color. Red, gold and white. Shapes dance through the mess but we’re not sure if that’s actually an eye, a face, a tear, or if we’re just creating a rorschach test out of the disarray. The card feels like chaos, like destruction, like catastrophe.

As the season of Aries begins, your ninth house will be lit up by the Sun. The ninth house is the house of higher learning, travel, and the way we make meaning in the world, whether that is philosophically or metaphysically or otherwise. This week, the Storm reminds you that making meaning in a world of chaos and disorder is often a tough and harrowing task.


#17 The StarSlow Holler’s abstract depiction of The Star shows a golden opaque globe atop a tapered, pointed cylinder. The cylinder resembles a spotlight. Darkness surrounds. It could also be the shining tip of a mountain surrounded by rain. It gives the feeling of hope amidst gloom.

As the season of Aries begins, your eighth house will be lit up by the Sun. The eighth house is the house of sex, death, and the resources you share with other people (I know, a weird smorgasbord of stuff but there is some rhyme and reason to it just trust me). The eighth house can be a rough house. Full of cobwebs in the attic. This week, The Star asks you to spend some time shining light on the darker parts of your life.


Architect of StonesThe Architect of Stones stands atop a ladder, reaching out to puck a red rock from the sky. The architect appears to be the lone inhabiter of their planet. Red asteroids circle the architect’s small home. Space surrounds them. The scene is reminiscent of the Little Prince.

As the season of Aries begins, your seventh house will be lit up by the Sun. The seventh house is the house of partnership, intimate connections, and all of those relationships that are contractual in nature (whether they be a contractual commitment like marriage or a business partner). This week, the Architect of Stones is asking you what in your intimate relationships needs to be built, or built-anew. What structures need to be put in place in order to bolster the containers you share with partners and comrades?


6 of StonesIn Six of Stones, a black ball lays inside the protective circle of six wall-like stones. There is an opening in the circle of stones and when the little black ball is ready, the world outside awaits. To the top left corner of the card there is a small rosebud that has yet to bloom.

As the season of Aries begins, your sixth house will be lit up by the Sun. The sixth house is the house of illness, accidents and mishaps as well as the house of healing, work, and service. The sixth house, (not a party house) is the house where we persevere, show up even when it’s hard, and vigilantly offer our services. The Six of Stones is asking you to make sure that you are recharged and recalibrated before stepping back into the arena. Don’t rush into battle before your wounds are healed.


img_1184The Visionary of Branches is a naked goddess who blends in with the starry night sky. She clutches a golden tree and a red moon in the background matches the red cloth tied around her waist. Her expression is serene and her eyes are closed.

As the season of Aries begins, your fifth house will be lit up by the Sun. The fifth house is the house of gambling, partying, creative pursuits, pleasure, and babies (because sometimes pleasure begets babies). The Visionary of Branches reminds us that sometimes the best way to make your argument is to lead by example. The Visionary of Branches reminds everyone around her of their own capabilities. This week, burn bright, and your community will be invited to burn brightly with you.


#21 The WorldIn The World, two hands are outstretched ready to take and receive. One holds half of an apple (a witch’s symbol). The world snake eats it’s tail around the hands. Outside the snake, plants are framed by the elemental symbols. Sword Fern is framed inside the air triangle. Holly is framed inside the water triangle. Oak in earth and currents in fire.

As the season of Aries begins, your fourth house will be lit up by the Sun. The fourth house is the house of family, ancestry, lineage, and home. The Slow Holler Booklet says of The World: “Be receptive to harmony. Come home. Be welcomed back into the fold. Share your gifts with those who love you. Participate in creating the world you want.” This is the season to focus on the most personal realms of your life: your house, your home, your family.


#19 The Sun.JPGIn The Sun, a golden peacock runs across a rich red background. The peacock is proud, playful, and adventurous. There are large red and white flowers that are drawn so that they literally resemble the sun. The feeling the card exudes is sumptuous, joyous, lush.

As the season of Aries begins, your third house will be lit up by the Sun. The third house is the house of communication, siblings, short-distance travel, and, if we want to get really old school, it’s traditional title is The House of the Goddess. This week, The Sun is suggesting that you look for the joy in your day to day communications.


Architect of Vessels.JPGThe Architect of Vessels hovers hands around a decanter of liquid. Resembling a perfume bottle, the potion is decorated with aloe vera, roses, and capped with a cow skull. Inside we can see an ocean. The architect of vessels possesses an elixir for soothing. An oasis in a desert. Aloe for a burn.

As the season of Aries begins, your second house will be lit up by the Sun. The second house is the house of income, material resources, and immaterial resources (like your personal values). This week, the Architect of Vessels asks you to spend time honoring your personal resources. What is your special brand of potion? What does showing up with value look like to you?

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