The Astro-Forecast for April 3rd to April 9th

Wednesday April 5th at 9:01 pm PST, Mars at 19° of Taurus will trine Pluto at 19° of Capricorn. Trines, the sweetest, easiest aspect, make talents feel innate, and support us in our projects. The oft quoted adage about trines is that they can be so easy, that they become too easy, and do not provide enough challenge or tension for us to fully utilize the energies available. Earth trines are practical, pragmatic, and deeply grounded which is exactly the kind of buffer we like to see from a Mars-Pluto connection which is otherwise besotted with power frenzies, compulsions to win at all costs, violence and rages. It can also raise the opportunity for transformative (Pluto) action (Mars). Mars in Taurus is (literally) out of it’s element. Mars in Taurus is the warrior god clothed in the rich greens and earthy browns of the tranquil Bull (the lusciousness of spring in full bloom: Beltane). The Martian Bull fucks more than it frolics and might take a more aggressive approach to it’s normal pleasure-seeking activities. When the rampaging bull locks proverbial arms with the fish-goat king of the underworld (Pluto in Capricorn) the moment is right for engaging in any earthy or Venusian activity that needs the power of Pluto mixed with the spark of Mars.

Wednesday April 5th at 10:06 pm PST, Saturn at 27° of Sagittarius will begin its retrograde. Hello Summer of Saturn Retrograde! This altogether not-uncommon retrograde cycle will be taking place between now and August 25th. As Saturn’s retrogrades are almost half the year long, it is not generally considered the most momentous of retrogrades, but you can still expect that this is the (almost) half of the year when your relationship to rules, boundaries, and authority will be more open to those retrograde “Re-s”: re-finement, re-integration, re-membering, re-winding, and (most amusingly) re-versals.

Friday April 7th at 2:39 pm PST, the Sun at 18° of Aries, will oppose Jupiter at 18° of Libra. In the late afternoon on Friday, Jupiter (Zeus: King of the Gods, Lord-Over-All-Dominion, Buoyant Lover) will be staring down the Sun, our ultimate life-giving light-source. In any opposition we feel that see-saw energy. This versus that. For The Sun versus Jupiter we might feel like our higher-life-goals are being pit against optimism and opportunity. Vision against quest, self against story. And when we add in the Libra versus Aries polarity, a polar-energy that we’ve been working for quite a while this year, we may be feelin’ the pull of self versus other, my needs versus our needs, the ‘I’ versus the We. See if you can balance in the middle of the see-saw. It might be tempting to run toward one side of the equation or the other, but if you can find a way to live easy between those two extremes you may find that you can work it to your advantage. To my sweet ska8r girls who will be bouting this Friday: this is the time when you may feel yourself wanting to show-boat instead of playing with your people. Remember that roller derby is a team sport. Balance trust in yourself with trust in your teammates.

Saturday April 8th at 1:28 pm PST, Venus at 27° of Pisces will square Saturn at 27° of Sagittarius. Venus is finally hitting the home stretch of it’s retrograde and boy has it been a doozy for the homies. Unrequited love, past squeezes comin’ out of the woodwork, sexy ex-lover dreams, and chance meetings. Well before Venus slows it’s retrograde-roll completely, it has a difficult meet-up with Saturn to contend with. Under the harsh gaze of Saturn, Saturday may bring some hard-reality to those of us who have been rockin’ the retrograde with flirty fun times and new-boos. Saturn is here to tell you it’s time to fish or cut bait. Are you in or are you out? What will you eventually have to show from your possibly wanton ways? Saturn wants sensible stability. Saturn wants to know how you are going to show up will value in love. Saturn wants to rain all over your parade. So if you have been waiting to have the “what am I to you?” Conversation with a new lover, this may be a good time to do that. If you are trying to let the good times roll however, it may be a good time to take yourself on a serious Saturn-Venus date.

Saturday April 8th at 5:49 pm PST, the Sun at 19° of Aries will square Pluto at 19° of Capricorn. Saturday may find you experiencing some serious tests to your sense of self. You may find yourself challenged by power or authority. You may end up feelin’ real small for at least part of this day. You may find yourself feeling like you are being asked to change the way you see yourself, to own up to something about yourself that you have a hard time admitting to, or that your inner-resolve is being challenged. It may sound trite but, try not to sweat it. It only feels like the end of the world. In actuality this is a tiny blip on the radar of your life. My only advice is to surrender to it instead of trying to keep it at bay. Let it in and then let it back out.

Sunday April 9th at 4:14 pm PST, Mercury at 4° of Taurus will begin its retrograde. Sunday’s Mercury Retrograde will make three planets retrograding at the same time and this is: totally not unusual. For whatever reason people lose this shit over retrogrades and I’m just not sure why. Mercury retrograde has somehow found it’s way into the popular imaginary of our culture but here’s the thing ya’ll: IT RETROGRADES LIKE FOUR TIMES A YEAR. Some folks will feel Mercury retrograde more intensely than others. Those are the people who will be experiencing travel-issues like missed flights and lost baggage, and communication curfuffles. If you want to know whether and to what extent this Mercury Retrograde might effect you, hit me u for a reading.

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