Cancer New Moon 2018

🌑 c a n c e r n e w m o o n
🌑 s o l a r e c l i p s e
🌑 s u n o p p o s a t e p l u t o
If u feel like u r literally dying, it might actually be written in the stars for us today as the sun makes it’s yearly opposition with Pluto which just happens to coincide with this month’s New Moon which just happens to be a partial solar eclipse. 
The new moon in Cancer means that the sun and moon are cohabitating in the oceanic land of the feels, feels, feels. It also brings an alignment of purpose to anything involving family. For my derby friends this could be a time during which you are asked to reflect on the state of the team. Does yr team feel like a family (is a roller derby team supposed to feel like a family?)?
And then we have this opposition to Pluto – death god of the underworld – and questions around the team-as-family get pushed a little further. Is the team a safe space? What is safety and who has access to it? The Cancer-Capricorn polarity deals with themes of safety&control as well as memory&nostalgia so don’t be surprised if old traumas are being triggered.
Caroline Casey suggests we rename our traumas our “dangerous beautiful assignments.” If that’s a helpful reframing for you, use this day to get clear on what your dangerous beautiful assignment is, and hopefully we’ll all get a real good night of sleep real soon. 

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