Mars Retrograde

So in case ya’ll haven’t heard: MARS IS RETROGRADE. Which is pretty significant as mars retrogrades are actually the least common retrograde: they only happen about every two years as compared to Mercury which retrogrades multiple times every year. Mars began its 2018 retrograde in AQUARIUS on June 26th.
Aquarius is the visionary warrior and sometimes the activist warrior – although Aquarius isĀ a funny sign being both extremely future-focused, as well as unexpectedly traditional. Mars in Aquarius is interested in reforming the collective, fighting the rules of the group, aggravating a better system into being. Retrograde however, Mars in Aquarius might be causing you to feel too alienated from the group to participate in it’s improvement, or maybe your vision isn’t being understood by your peers. If any group project is taking longer than you thought it would, or is being redirected, slowed down, or re-visioned you might be experiencing the effects of this current Mars retrograde period. This is a better time to put your community’s collaborative efforts into review than it is to expect results. The retrograde period ends August 27th.Ā šŸ’—šŸ’–šŸ”®

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