December 22nd, 2018

I was really, really sick last month when the sun moved into Sagittarius and all the homies were celebrating being loud mouth horse kids, so I never got around to posting my Welcome Sag & Full Moon in Gem write ups. Tomorrow the sun will be moving on in her seasonal sojourn around the zodiac but the bright-pony-spirit of Sag will stay with us for another ten months as Jupiter continues her jolly-jag through her beloved home sign. 
This time last year it was Saturn, not Jupiter in Sagittarius and we were contending with constrictions and limitations to a personal truth we were holding. Many of my friends were telling people something that it was really fucking hard to say – and having it land just about as badly as they could have feared. 
A year later and we’re finally gettin’ a sweeter taste of what Sag has to offer. So welcome and farewell to the sun but also welcome welcome welcome to Jupiter in Sagittarius, welcome faith-regenerating tactlessness, welcome prophetic growing, welcome uplifting adventure, welcome generous joyful gambles, welcome impractical opening, welcome Jupiter in Sagittarius.

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