January 20th, 2019

The sun enters the season of aquarius in the middle of winter. From late January to late February, we enjoy the bright grey light of fixed air sign aquarius, often mis-identified as a water sign because of it’s constellational symbol: the water-bearer. At this point, the leaves on the trees have been gone for some time. The decay part of the year is behind us and we are deep in the sleepy quiet of mid-winter. There is a stillness about Aquarius that is felt in this season. 

This stillness may be reflected in Aquarius’ designation as both a fixed sign (a sign occurring in the middle of a season) as well as an air sign. Aquarius is The Eye of the Storm. That still moment in the middle of raging chaos from which we may obtain distanced perspective on what is happening around us, without really being a part of what we are viewing. Aquarius is sometimes known for it’s cerebral coldness, it’s aloofness, it’s detachment.

Aquarius is one of the three signs that were assigned a “new” or second planetary ruler when the three outer planets were discovered. Caroline Casey contends that this “accounts for the complexity and wide variety of expression of those born under this sign:” they are ruled by both both the god of tradition (Saturn) as well as the god of innovation (Uranus). And so we have Aquarius folks who are loud, brazen, oddballs and Aquarius folks who tend to be shy, reserved, and even a little uptight. Aquarius’ gifts are intellect and vision. They have the rigidity to be truly unique, disciplined enough to to truly innovative.

🎥 “I Don’t Want Any Problems, None Whatsoever” by Dasha Shishkin

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