February 4th, 2019

Monday February 4th, at 1.00pm PST, the moon will clip past the sun at 15 degrees of Aquarius. The Sabian Symbol for 15 degrees of Aquarius is: “two lovebirds singing on a fence.”
Aquarius, the fixed air sign whose iconography includes the water bearer, the eye of the storm, the atmosphere, and the titan prometheus, enjoys its annual new moon in the opening days of February. Traditional & forward-thinking, radical & uptight, kind of a weirdo but not necessarily super loud about it, Aquarius energy would rather go it alone but always for the good of the group. 
To celebrate this new moon in Aquarius: Read some science-ey books. Pretend u don’t have a body. Pretend u do have a body but it’s inhabited by aliens. Lay down the law. Backpedal. Lay down a new law. Try contacting aliens. Try contacting aliens via rotary phone. Ask everyone you know for advice. Don’t take any of it. Contemplate the enormity for the universe. Google ‘fractals.’ Google ‘chaos theory.’ Read a bunch of Ray Bradbury dystopian-shorts. Light a candle. For the aliens. 
“Mercurial Strabismus” by Vesperalia

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