Libra Full Moon

Last night, hours after the sun moved into Aries, the moon moved into the opposite sign – Libra, and we got to enjoy a big beautiful full moon. 
Aries rules the head, and as the sparky fire sign that it is, the season of Aries can make us a little hot-headed. The remediation may lie in the qualities of it’s opposite sign Libra: balance, giving people the benefit of the doubt, and waiting for more information before making a decision. Because warrior sign Aries rules the head, this is a great time for everyone to be extra cautious about avoiding concussions. Last night (during the full moon) there were at least five possible concussions accrued at scrimmage (yikes) and a face gouging. So if you were putting off getting a helmet with a visor or doing those concussion base line tests, the time may be nigh. Also, if you are a tall skater with a particularly lethal shoulder smack, consider working on other aspects of your skating style this Aries season to protect yr league mates’ noggins.

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