Welcome Aries

The start of Aries season coincides with the beginning of spring. The budlets are budding, the air is smelling sweet, the sun is here to warm the cold and crabby cockles of our sleepy, vitamin-D-deprived winter hearts. Not all that dies in the winter comes back in the Spring and it is precisely because of this that those courageous little shoots popping out to say: “LOOK AT ME WORLD, I FUCKING MADE IT” are all the more endearing. Aries season is about the violence, triumph and fragility of survival. Eternally-adolescent, Aries says: “to be, is to start a fight.”

As it coincides with the beginning of Spring, Aries is a cardinal sign, carrying the initiatory energy of the vernal equinox. As a fire sign, Aries likes to move. As the cardinal-fire sign of the zodiac Aries represents: the spark. Aries is the ignition, it’s the combustion of fire that makes the machine go. Although often cited as the go-it-alone rogue who doesn’t work well with others, this “me” sign is indispensable energy for the group. Nobody gets the ball rolling quite as forcefully as homie-Aries.

Ruled by Mars, god of war, Aries is often referred to as “the daytime warrior” (as opposed to Mars-ruled-nighttime-warrior Scorpio) and the classic archetype for Aries is that of the Gladiator. 

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